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“Today’s drop to the country will enable us to build a greater Ethiopia tomorrow”: President Sahlework Zewde

President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Sahlework Zewde, together with Mayor Adanech Abebe on the occasion of the 1,496th Birthday Celebration at the Brother Khalid Charitable Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion, President Sahlework said that the good work that Brother Khalid is doing to change the lives of his people is commendable.

“It is good that all Ethiopians can help their people,” she said.

Everyone should learn from Brother Khalid’s virtues,
“Every citizen has a role to play in helping his people,” she said.

“The drop that each of us is making today will help us build a greater Ethiopia tomorrow,” he said.

In the one year since its inception, the Khalid Foundation has helped more than 1,000 young people off the streets by providing various trainings.

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