Ethiopian artist Solomon Bogale comment on Saron Ayelign

Addis Ababa City Administration New Cabinet held its first meeting and passed various decisions.


1. Discuss Addis Ababa’s structural research reform, focusing on the issues that are most important to the public, especially on road construction, green development, building heights and other related issues. Transmitted.

2. In order to alleviate the socio-economic burden on the society, the cabinet has decided to subsidize various institutions. It will subsidize 837,500 birr.

It also discussed the Student Nutrition Price Index and decided to provide 1.9 billion birr for the 2014 academic year.

In connection with this, the administration has decided to provide public health insurance contributions and to provide 144 million birr in health insurance coverage to more than 231,000 poor people in the city.

The cabinet has decided to provide 70 million birr to strengthen the financial capacity of the Addis Ababa City Football Club.

Finally, the regular meeting concluded with the direction of setting up an interim committee to assist the most vulnerable sections of the society in various parts of the country.

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