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Addisalem Getaneh speaks about what she faced on irecha

Muday Charity, which was to be evicted from its lease on June 30, 2013; He stated that he has received permission to stay until February 30, 2014.

Muday Charity, which has been on the run for more than two decades and has been forced to vacate its site on June 30, 2013, after helping tenants. He stated that he had received permission from the owner to stay until February 30, 2014.

Muday Mitiku, the founder and general manager of Muday Bogo Charity Association, told our site that our landlord, Ahmed Mohammed, had been telling us to vacate the place for the past two years.

However, this year, June 30, 2013, we are told that we will not be leaving this year. He said he would like to thank 10 elders, including his co-parent Ustaz Abubakar, for listening to the elders and promising to extend them until February 30, 2014.

Muday has applied to the city administration for a plot of land, which has been allotted 2,000 square kilometers of unclaimed land in the former sub-city, now in the suburb of Lemi Kura. However, the fact that the land was used by farmers, made it difficult for Muday to move out of his rented house.

The farmers have applied for development on the site, as they do not want to move; Muday asked for another replacement.

“We will be able to find the place as soon as possible, work together with the people, thank our landlord for giving us more than enough time,” she said.

Tadesse Lema, General Manager of the Land Development and Urban Renewal Agency, said: It will be recalled that they said, “We will compensate them and hand over the land to Muday or we will look for a replacement for Muday.”

Muday Charity is currently caring for and educating 450 women and 650 children living directly at the center.

So far, it has directly helped more than 3,000 children and indirectly helped more than 7,000 children, and 1,300 women have survived and left the center on their own.

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