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Ethiopian Electric Service says it has collected over 15 billion birr in the just ended budget year

Ethiopian Electric Service said it has collected 15.45 billion out of the 18.21 billion birr it planned to increase and collect energy revenue in the 2013 Ethiopian budget year.

During the budget year, uninterrupted supply of electricity to the customers, increasing the number of new consumers, strengthening new technologies implemented at the institution level, collecting revenue of the institution and making the new electricity towns and villages outside the grid and grid services available through the national electricity supply program.

As a result, 380,541 customers have been provided with electricity during the current budget year.

In order to provide electricity to new rural towns and kebeles, 364 rural kebeles have been provided with electricity.

Thus, 4320.06 km of medium line and 3465.30 km of low line and 946 distribution transformers have been installed.

Eight rural kebeles and villages that do not have access to the main grid have been provided with electricity.

Compared to the previous fiscal year, energy sales have increased by 4.38 billion birr or 39.56 percent compared to the previous fiscal year.

More than 9.1 million birr worth of road property has been damaged in traffic accidents in Addis Ababa

In the just ended 2013 fiscal year, more than 9.1 million birr worth of road property was damaged in road accidents in Addis Ababa alone.

During the first 12 months of the fiscal year, 62 collisions occurred on ring road resources, while 310 collisions damaged a total of 372 road infrastructure outside the ring road.

In addition to the impact on road traffic, the damage to the country’s economy is being caused by frequent road accidents.

Road damage is often caused by roadside poles, traffic signs, directional signs, sidewalks, sidewalks, and drainage ditches.

The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority has repaired the damaged roads and is ready for service.

Roads play an important role in facilitating traffic congestion in the city and improving the city’s image, he said.

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