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Famous artists on diacon Henok wedding

Ethiopian Orthodox religion followers had participated on diacon Henok Wed and it was really an amazing time.

Chicken and eggs were banned from entering the market due to an unknown disease

Ethiopia | The Ministry of Agriculture has banned thousands of chickens and eggs from entering the market, both near and far.

It has been banned from entering the market from 20,000 to 40,000 hatched chicks and eggs from various regional cities to Addis Ababa.

Minister of Agriculture June 13, 2022 According to a letter to poultry breeders and exporters, poultry enterprises, which are being imported into Addis Ababa, hatched and exported eggs are being severely curtailed.

In a letter, the Ministry of Agriculture said, “Poultry deaths are occurring in various parts of the country.

According to a letter signed by Dr. Wondimagegen Dejene, Director of Quarantine Import Export Inspection and Certification, the Minister of Agriculture stated that action will be taken against poultry breeding companies if found violating the law.

Asked to comment on the cause of the disease and its current state, Dr. Wondemagen said he could not comment.

He said several companies in the poultry sector were suffering huge losses since the ban was lifted on June 3.

Teddy Poultry Enterprise, which distributes chickens, poultry and eggs from Addis Ababa and other cities, is located at a loss of 42 kilometers from Addis Ababa.

“Last Saturday alone, I got rid of 20,000 hatched chickens,” he said. I now have 50,000 eggs. I do not know what to do if the ban is lifted soon, ”said Tewodros Kassahun, owner of the company and vice president of the Ethiopian Poultry Association.

“If I could sell the eggs in my hands to consumers, the current shortage in the market could be alleviated. If the ban continues, the price of eggs could be as high as 20 birr,” he said.

According to Tedros, 20,000 experts sent by the Ministry of Agriculture to the poultry farm on Friday were tested and found no disease.

“If an unnamed chicken pox outbreak had occurred in the area a month ago, it could have killed the chickens in our organization,” Tewodros said.

The Ministry of Agriculture, which is investigating the source of the disease and its rapid spread, has called for an immediate end to the study.

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