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Beautiful girl  Kidist Berhan introduce her family

This is a rare interview with Ethiopian beautiful girl from Awi zone. She has had an amazing and once in a lifetime opportunity when her photo was shared on social media.

Then after Fana BC were there to interview and give more for the people on social media about this Awi girl. The rest is story. Now she is an ambassador for her locality.

Yesterday Seifu hosted her on his famous Sunday show. Seifu on Ebs is known for giving opportunity for unknown gems to get public attention. The show is later uploaded on YouTube for those who don’t have access to main stream medias or wants to watch again or who missed the program on TV due to different reasons.

Kidist has also revealed she is a university student. Now she can use the opportunity and influence her people in a positive way.


Individuals arrested in Adama town with fake IDs arrested

Individuals with fake IDs have been arrested in Chafe Kebele, Dabe Sub-City, Adama City Administration.

The three suspects, who arrived from Adama from Addis Ababa, reported to the local police that they were suspicious of their actions while they were using them at a local grocery store.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the suspects, who were asked where they came from, with fake IDs.

During the investigation, the police went to Arada sub-city and investigated the case.

The individuals were found in Arada sub-city of Addis Ababa with fake IDs.

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