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In 2015, stakeholders were called upon to fulfill their responsibilities properly in order to improve the service delivery of government institutions under the administration.

The Public Service and Human Resources Development Office of the Dredawa Administration held a discussion with stakeholders regarding the implementation of the institution’s 2014 fiscal year plan and the 2015 plan. Officers, officers of change and good management and ethical experts participated.

After the implementation of the office’s plan for the 2014 fiscal year, which was the starting point for the discussion, was presented by Ato Girma, who is the director of the quality and productivity improvement directorate of Dredawa and Kaizen Institute, then the 2015 plan was presented in detail by Ato Negde Girma, the director of the office’s plan and program preparation directorate, and the participants asked various comments and questions. The leaders of the office at all levels responded and gave an explanation.

The Head of the Public Service and Human Resource Development Office of the Dredawa Administration, Mr. Hayer Hajinur, who attended the forum and delivered a message, said that the main objective of the forum was to find out from the stakeholders if there are any gaps in the implementation process, so that the many outstanding results achieved by the office in the 2014 fiscal year can be further improved in the 2015 fiscal year. He said that our plan is to take input and provide stakeholders with directions for further work.

Ato Hair added that the 2014 fiscal year was a time when a lot of work was done to improve the service delivery of institutions and tangible results were achieved. Based on the monitoring and support given to institutions, the assessment and rating of institutions and the leaders and employees were also evaluated and rated, and thus, from the institutions to the employees, it was better at every level. He said that arrangements are being made to encourage those who have achieved results.

The deputy head of the office, Ato Sebo Ahmed, said that he has completed the preparation to provide the necessary monitoring and support to institutions and leaders and workers at all levels in order to carry out many works in 2015 and to satisfy the service needs of the society. They called for them to leave.

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