Eregnaye Season 2 Episode 3 – Sayat Demissie

Eregnaye Season 2 Episode 3 – Sayat Demissie. Sayat Demissie and Dirbwork Asefa are the stars of this drama. The story is so much amazing and it is based on real story.

What would you do?

It was at school that I found my childhood love. We wanted to make a ring while she was pursuing higher education. Elder Telephone: Her family refused, but she said she could not wear a ring at this age because our daughter had a heart attack. I repeatedly asked the elder to tie the knot as I was responsible, but he did not.

We failed to ask for a long time. I became very upset and angry. My family was so concerned about my situation that it was true that I had lost my childhood, and somehow they persuaded me to marry someone else.

A year later my ex-boyfriend came back. She told me we should get married. It’s a challenge for me. She knew I was getting married, but she told me it would not be possible without you. Although I remarried because of my injuries, I never forgot for a second.

I want to accept her request, and my family is willing. But I have to divorce my wife. I remarried to fulfill my family’s wishes; I never had love for my wife, but I was angry and upset. I hesitated.

If I divorced my wife, I would not have much to worry about because I have no children and no strong love. Living without love does not make sense to me. But she is very sad. She is working hard for our marriage. I was afraid it would hurt.

I considered the return of my ex-boyfriend a good opportunity. I want to take care of her. I don’t think anyone else can help her. Our love never fails. She’s back, but I don’t want to lose her. My wife, but what can I do? I’m worried. What would you do?

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