Eregnaye Season 3 Episode 6 – Sayat Demissie drama

Eregnaye season 3 episode 6

Eregnaye is one of the popular TV drama which are broadcasting these days. The story articulates about living together and harmony. It have a slogan of unite we are stronger and divided we are weaker and vulnerable.

Mayor Adanech Abebe urged the leadership to plan for the next 100 days as soon as possible to respond to the demands of the community.

“We’re ready for a new chapter mission!” Under the theme, Employment and Focus Directions for Newly Appointed Leaders from City to Woreda Concluded.

Addis Ababa City Mayor, Adanech Abebe, in his concluding remarks, said the administration should fulfill its responsibility to serve the people.

Mayor Adanech Abebe urged the government to plan and implement the next 100 days in a way that is responsive to the demands of the people at all levels.

Addis Ababa City Council Chief of Staff, Melese Alemu, on his part said the administration needs to be aware of the shortcomings of the change.

Meles said the party should honor the wording of the manifesto introduced during the election.

Meles Alemu on his part said the government should continue to pay tribute to the people for their great role in saving Ethiopia from corruption and establishing democracy.

Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor and Head of the Enterprise and Industrial Development Bureau, Jantar Abay, on his part said some of the public questions are answered sincerely without the need for additional capacity.

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