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Police say they have made the necessary arrangements for the celebration of the annual celebration of the Virgin Mary.

Police said they have made the necessary preparations to ensure that the annual celebration of Gishen Debre Kerbe (Gishen Mariam), which will be celebrated in South Wollo Zone, Ambassel Woreda on September 30, 2014 begins peacefully.

The announcement was made by the Ethiopian Federal Police’s North Directorate Directorate.
He called on the public to celebrate the holiday as it is a common lie as they are spreading false propaganda to prevent it from being celebrated peacefully.

He added that patrols and patrols are underway from Debre Berhan to Konbolcha to Gishen Mariam.

He added that there is no security situation in the area at the moment, adding that members of the Ethiopian Federal Police North Division Emergency Directorate 4th Division, Amhara Regional State Special Forces and the city police are working together to ensure that there is no security situation in the area.

He conveyed the message that the public should immediately report the incident to the local security forces in order to prosecute the culprits.

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