Eregnaye season 3 episode 10 – Sayat Demissie

“I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do for you, but I have to advise you. My friend is not going to have breakfast with me on the phone in the morning,” he said.

Yes, he did. He is just as real today as he was when he thought of the new life he was about to begin with. There is a reason for everything.
There is a big difference between acknowledging what is right and doing what is right, and living in a state of resentment and resentment. There is no such thing as wisdom and seriousness today. Homework for tomorrow is not realizing that tomorrow will bring its own homework.
Mankind’s hope for the future is born of human desire.
There is so much difference between today and tomorrow that it is wise to examine time without understanding it! That is.
Inability to understand tomorrow without understanding today, not even realizing tomorrow, or not understanding tomorrow. . When you solve this puzzle, it’s time to explore life.

. . . So he thinks. Life is more than just a mystery. But the mystery of life can only be solved by living what we understand.
The next morning, when Agentot told Solomon what to do, he was overwhelmed with anxiety and fear.
He did not expect it to explode after hearing what he had to say, even though it was his own. He embraced her with joy, and he loved their friendship more than ever.

It’s noon, and the sun is shining. She has no experience coming home for lunch, but today Edu tried her phone over and over again, but she was so worried that she was locked up. She hurried home to make sure she was safe. . . . But then she called again and again, and the phone rang, and she was even more worried.
“I have to leave. One day he will find me. The day he found me will not let me go.” She hurried home.
“What if you come and wait for me when I get home?”

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