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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia launches mobile app in hotel and hospitality industry history.

The bank said it is modernizing its digital banking service and expanding its reach to service providers and customers using a modern payment system. Today, it has launched a new technology product in collaboration with Eagle Lane System Technology Plc to update the digital bank.

It launches a new chapter in the history of the hotel and hospitality industry in Ethiopia: Get Rooms, Get Free and Hotel Bidding Service together with three new digital technology options.

The President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Abe Sano, said the use of the technology is a unique technological innovation that will significantly modernize the hotel sector and increase domestic and foreign exchange earnings. He also said that the bank is strengthening its participation in international competition.

Consumption of digital technology has reached 57 percent in Ethiopia. Abe Sano, President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), said the figures show that the country is making progress compared to neighboring countries, especially in East Africa.

In addition to making it easier for international and domestic airlines to connect to hotels, this state-of-the-art technology will help protect the black market by reducing cash transfers and facilitating the foreign exchange market, he said.

Commercial Bank with over 33 million users; It has invested over 801 billion birr and lent more than 836 billion birr.

It also has more than 37,000 permanent and 27,000 contract workers. The total assets of the Commercial Bank have reached 1.08 trillion birr.

As many as 6.2 million customers contact the bank every day on mobile phones, of which 22,000 use the Internet. With 1700 branches, it has more than 3,000 ATMs in banks, hotels and other malls.

The graduation ceremony was attended by State Minister of Tourism Promotion and Marketing Selamwit Dawit as well as senior government officials, influential individuals in the sector, and hotel owners.

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