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Deputy Mayor of the Administration, Kedir Juhar, said we should do our part for the development of our country by strengthening our green fingerprinting activities and ensuring our continued support for the Renaissance Dam.

Employees of various administrative sector institutions and Kebele 02, including employees of the Dire Dawa branch of the Federal Transport Authority, conducted the third round of the Ethiopian Clothing Program at the Industrial Park.

The Dire Dawa administration has planted saplings as part of a plan to plant 500,000 seedlings in one day in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Industrial Park, Kedir Juhar.
Dire Dawa branch office of the Federal Transport Authority; From construction and housing development; Communities from trade and industry as well as kebeles 01 and 02 attended the tree planting program and left their mark.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Kedir Juhar, said the current Ethiopian dress code program will help the country to have a climate-friendly climate that will enable everyone to have a balanced climate and achieve national poverty alleviation, including production and productivity. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት
“We need to monitor and nurture the righteousness of all, not just planting,” he said.

He called on all parties to strengthen their support for the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam, which is another pillar of our development.

Some of those who planted seedlings at the ceremony said that it is a great opportunity to participate in such a national green footprint.
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1) In the short term: Strengthen monitoring and control, modernization of the system, limiting the demand for foreign exchange luxury, removing brokers who have suppressed the market from the bank and the black market and directing them to policy (going to legalize the black market)

2) In the medium term: Balance the budget deficit (not eliminate it) with a flexible year balance, extend the duration of short and medium term projects except for the most important projects, and adhere to strict fiscal and monitoring policies;

3) Long-term: In the short and medium term, it is necessary to formulate and promote foreign exchange growth policies, abandoning the de facto crawling peg system and expanding the economy to a fully floating floating system.

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