Funniest Khabane Lame TikTok compilation

Khabane is the most liked and cherished TikToker. He is the most liked and followed person on them platform. Even TikTok by itself has less followers than him.

He doesn’t utter even a single word but he is teaching TikTok family by sign. He is shows how things are simply done which others make it seem complicated. You will enjoy his compilation while getting some important message along the way.

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The Somali Regional State Development Association held its closing program at Addis Ababa Friendship Square.

Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe, handed over the title deed to the Deputy Chief of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Mohamed.

The program will include Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe, Deputy Chief of the Somali Regional State Mustafa Mohamed, Ugaz, Minister of Culture and Tourism Dr. Hirut Kassaw, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa and Somali Regional State Coordinator Meles Zenawi. Indigenous people from the Somali region were present.

“I am not a partner, I am an owner,” said Adanech Abebe, who said the city of Addis Ababa is my capital and I want to show you my culture.

Deputy Mayor of the Somali Regional State, Adanech Abebe, said the people of the Somali Regional State are making a significant contribution to the protection of Ethiopia’s borders.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe, said Ethiopia is a wonderful country with many facets built yesterday.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe, said plans are underway to build an Ethiopian cultural center in Addis Ababa so that all Ethiopians can reflect and promote their culture.
He said it was a great achievement to enable the people who were pushed as partners before the national transformation to take part in the affairs of their country.

Deputy Chief of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Mohamed, on his part said the region was marginalized in social, economic and political sectors before the change, but the day after the change, it is proud of its Ethiopianness and benefits from the development.

On behalf of the people of the state, he thanked the Addis Ababa City Administration for providing a cultural building site to promote the culture of the Somali region.

Finally, investors from the Somali Regional State in Addis Ababa have donated 2 million birr to the food center, which is being implemented by Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe.

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