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Testimony of the young girl

This is a story of a young girl who speaks about what happened in the Church with the pastor who was teaching the word of God. The testimeony of this young girl was recorded in Presence international church. She shared her story so that other young girls could learn from it.

She was talking about every little thing that has occured where she used to visit every Saturday evening and Sunday morning to attend the church programs.

There are hundreds of individual churchs in Ethiopia who serve in different languages but commonly in afaan oromoo and amharic. Let alone in Addis Ababa almost all churchs have opened their branch.

The pioneer of individual owned church was Tamirat Tarekegn, former Addis Ababa University english language teacher. He opened the church by the word and promise he recieved from God.

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Hawassa Bus Station Changed

The old station in Hawassa will be relocated from Thursday

Hawassa City Administration Transport and Road Development Department announced that the old station will be relocated from Hawassa town in Sidama state on Thursday.

Reason ?

This is because an international construction tender has been issued and put into operation so that the station can be renovated in a standard way and provide modern and complete service.

When will the construction begin and end?

Construction will begin next week and will be completed in the next six months.

Upon completion, it will have a number of other services, including interior asphalt, 2 state-of-the-art customer shelters, showers and toilets, as well as security cameras.

Where is the prepared replacement space ?

Until the renovation of the old station is completed, the station has been temporarily relocated to the area where the industrial park is now located.

The replacement site is said to have been provided with basic necessities such as roads, electricity, water, security and other services.

There has been a change in the loading and unloading location of special buses in Hawassa.

The relocation is said to be needed to alleviate traffic congestion in the Arab neighborhood on the main road. Where is the alternative? The trucks have been instructed to use the Cobblestone Road, commonly known as the 22-lane road in the East Hotel, beyond the Gebre Christos Hotel.

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