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Top 10 beautiful Ethiopian cities

Top 10 Ethiopian Cities Unveiled

  1. Bishoftu
  2. Gondar
  3. Harar
  4. Mekelle
  5. Lalibela
  6. Axum
  7. Diredawa
  8. Bahirdar
  9. Hawassa
  10. Addis Ababa / Finfine

Today we talk about the beautiful city of Bahirdar.

The Beautiful City of Bahir Dar

This is the source place of Nile River which is the Great Lake Tana

We traveled from Wolayita, Arbaminch, Jinka (Bako), Addis Ababa to Bahir Dar Airport. Due to heavy rains, the plane had to land at 1:10 pm (1pm) when it landed on the beach.

We spent the night at the Unison Hotel, three months after the opening of Bahir Dar.

Morning – We are warming up in the sunny city of Bahir Dar.

Wow! – A statue of Dengel (a boat made of sandstone) is being erected at Gambi Square. This is her beauty, It is her mark.

Bahir Dar is a city located 565 km from Addis Ababa in northwestern Ethiopia.

Its astronomical location is 11º 38′ north latitude and 37 º15′ east longitude line. It is 1,700 meters above sea level.

Legend has it that the city of Bahir Dar, which got its current name, was asked by Emperor Sertse-Dengel when he was asked where to put the ark.

Bahir Dar is one of the fastest growing cities in Ethiopia.

Bahir Dar has a population of over 326,163,000 and is one of the cleanest cities in Africa by Cultural Trape Africa. Bahir Dar is the only city in Africa to be named one of the 12 best cities in the world by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In addition to Bahir Dar, UNESCO has selected Melton Australia as a city of learning, Melton Australia, Soracoba Brazil, Benghazi China, Yabusi Yoragai, Swansea Britain, Niamey Korea, Mexico City Mexico, Core Ireland, Ispo Finland and Balanga Phillips. It contributes significantly to our global competitiveness and benefits.

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