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How to check 2015 Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Exam Result

The Ethiopian ministry of Education has announced the result for 2015 EC 12th grade students is ready and can be checked by either of the following three option.

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  • Telegram not: @eaesbot

The ministry has said only 3.2% of the students who sat for the exam registered a result above 50% from total. Which means for Natural science students 350 out of 700 and for Social science students 300 out of 600.

Use the following link to check your result

Here the general information about this years exam result.


The number that shocked the minister?

Prof. Birhanu Nega:

“One thing that should shock us about this test is that 50 percent of the total students tested and 26 percent more than that got it.

from 845 thousand; 422,500 thousand students are under 26. It is simply the score a student can get even if he or she completes the exam roughly.

That is why we say that we must work from the bottom up. “

What do the 12th grade national exam numbers say about 2015?

  • The number of students tested in 2015 was 845,099; Only 27,267 students (3.2%) scored 50% and above.

Among these:

  • 19,017 students who passed natural science
  • 8,250 students who passed social science
  • Only 16,541 passed 12 students who were tested in the evening
  • Only 498 students passed 169,502 private exams
  • Only 26,757 students passed 659,056 regular exams
  • 3,106 schools that tested the 12th grade exam; 1,328 schools failed to pass any students.
  • 42.8 percent of the schools in the country that conducted the 12th grade exam failed to pass even one student.
  • 27 thousand 267 students directly enter the university as freshman, while about 160 thousand students enter through remedial.

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