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Saron Ayelign came up with her new boyfriend

Saron Ayelign with her new boyfriend

Last time she was an agenda among her fans after she released a video asking for an apology which came at the back of a video released by her boyfriend.

Four regions, including Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city administrations, have appointed women speakers

The councils of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, as well as four regions, formed a government, and the councils appointed female speakers. Sidama Regional State Council has appointed Zenebe Zerfan as the Deputy Speaker of the State Council.

The Amhara Regional State Council, which is holding its sixth founding session today, has sworn in Fantu Tesfaye as its Speaker. Mamo handed over power to newly elected Speaker W / ro Fantu Tesfaye.

On the other hand, the Gambella Regional State Council has appointed Banchiayehu Dingeta as the Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives. .

Similarly, the Speaker of the Dire Dawa City Administration Council, W / ro Fethiya Adam, was unanimously elected yesterday. It is also worth mentioning that the Addis Ababa City Administration Council has appointed former State Minister of Culture and Tourism, Buzena Al-Qadir, as its Speaker.


The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has issued a major mining license for 6 companies

The companies are licensed because they have completed the exploration and made the necessary preparations.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Takele Uma, and the managers of the companies.

Kurmuk Gold Mining, Itno Mining and Oromia Mining Companies have been licensed to produce gold. Ali Hamil Khadim has been licensed to produce bromine and chlorine.

The companies have an investment capital of over 4.7 billion US dollars and will create more than 1,300 permanent jobs, according to the ministry.

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