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First phase of Dichoto heavy vehicle terminal opened

The first phase of the construction of the Dichoto Heavy Vehicle Terminal has been completed and opened for service

Afar National Regional State President Awel Arba, Minister of Transport W / ro Dagmawit Moges and other senior federal and state leaders were inaugurated and ready for service today.

The main purpose of the terminal is to streamline the freight logistics service in the Ethio-Djibouti corridor so that it can transport cargo revenue in a timely manner and reduce the vulnerability of heavy truckers to the virus.

The Director General of the Federal Transport Authority, Abdissa Yadeta, said the Addis Ababa-Dechoto-Djibouti road covers 925 km and is a major source of revenue for the country. Therefore, the construction of the Dichoto Terminal has been constructed as one of the development works to be carried out to make the freight exchange in the corridor effective, he said.

He said the terminal will include accommodation, bath, cafeteria, examination and treatment as well as office services. Completing the first phase of construction, the Dichoto Terminal, which was inaugurated today, covers 12 acres [12 ha] and can accommodate more than 750 vehicles at a time.

The construction of the terminal will also protect heavy-duty truck drivers from the distribution of Covidy 19, keep vehicles close to the port until they receive a load, alleviate the shortage of truck parking in Djibouti, prevent traffic jams, and streamline traffic logistics in the corridor. It helps prevent artificial inflation. It also creates jobs for the local community.

President of the Afar National Regional State, Awel Arba, on his part said the construction of the terminal would play an important role in facilitating the region’s economic and social ties by facilitating the flow of heavy goods in the country and the Afar region.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Transport, W / ro Dagmawit Moges, said the Ethio-Djibouti corridor is a multi-lane corridor that handles heavy loads and expenditures of the country.

The Dicotto Terminal, which was completed today, will be a special strategic location for the ports in Djibouti and the port of Assab, which is expected to be used in the future, he said.

The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation, which is carrying out the construction of the terminal facility, has been cleared by the Ethiopian Roads Authority for landscaping, leveling and fencing.

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