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Danayit Mekbib and Solomon Bogale

Today it was rumoured that Danayit and Solomon are dating. Even they are about to get married according to the news we got.

I used to go on my way when I had a heated conversation with a girl. Today, however, all that intrigue and humor has vanished from me like a ghost.

As we drove west of Debre Berhan, about 10 km west of the road, a large number of public vehicles collided. The beautiful girl looked out of the car window and said, “What is this place? Why are there so many cars? ” She asked me another question.

I was still observing my silence and realized that I had to take advantage of this opportunity to the end, and pretending to be the best guide and insider, Jane said, “This place is called Angolale.

Here is a holy church that the Orthodox Tewahedo Church relies on and loves. Her name is Seminesh Covenant of Mercy. Even if you are concerned about emperors, But now she is the mother of mercy, giving hope to Adam’s descendants with her prayer, her embroidered t-shirt, the anointing of the bottle, and the healing of the honeycomb that is cut from the dome of the church in October.

And it’s a car full of people who have been touched by her mercy and others who have heard of her rescue. Many cars come, especially during the holidays. This area is your story. Emperor Menelik II was born here in Angola. ”

I thought she must have been distracted when I looked at her, and she greedily looked at the words coming out of my lips and looked at me as if she were already acquainted with me.

All my blood vessels were filled with blood and my body was stretched. I turned my eyes away from her, saying, “And that’s why the cars are parked.”

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