Danayit Mekbib Fearless Acting

Danayit Mekbib is one of the most controversial media celebrity who hosts #time on kana Television. She is popular and loved among the younger group where as highly criticised among the elders for her appearance and life style.

Danayit got a simple life style in which she says she is happy to live this way and she do not listen to others unless she is convinced.

“Our History of All of Us”

The fourth episode of “Our History of All of Us”, produced by a group of women only, will be aired on January 16, 2013. “Girl Effect” in a statement sent to us.

We are told that this 16-part series will be broadcast nationwide on Sundays at 2:00 PM on Kana TV.

Written by women writers and directed by Women, this is one of the few women-produced works in Ethiopia.

In the 4th episode, the drama covers new characters and topics that all teens can share, such as healthy eating, pregnancy and joining the work world.

This chapter also focuses on the challenges faced by women returning from exile in Ethiopia for labor.

This episode is being aired on Habesha View, an international and Ethiopian broadcaster of high quality and accessible online services for the International Series (Audience) since December 18, 2013.

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