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The doctors requested a re-exam

” The test was stolen” – Doctors who took The exam

Last Monday, some doctors who took the state-of-the-art qualification test and complained to the government complained that the test was overdue.

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After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in medical education, about 5,000 general practitioners working in government medical institutions throughout Ethiopia were selected for admission to nearby universities for evaluation at 20 universities.

However, doctors told the German radio station that they had complained that the exam was already leaked through telegram.

One complainant said that the test came out early on Sunday and that the test takers had entered.

Last week, he told the radio station that 200 questions had been submitted for the exam all day, adding that “after we finished our exams, we knew that the questions had already been answered.”

The doctors requested a re-exam

The radio station was contacted by the FDRE. Attempts by the Ministry of Health to respond were unsuccessful.


Doctors who took the postgraduate specialty entrance exam have submitted a letter of complaint to the FDRE Ministry of Health today.

According to the doctors, the exam questions were taken earlier than the exam time, in contrast to the exam and assessment and medical ethics.

He also explained that the test was improperly administered by the examiners before it was given.

Among the doctors’ information and evidence that the test questions were taken earlier:

  • Arba Minch University Examination Center They are eyewitnesses who have been told to report it.
  • There is concrete evidence that some test takers received the test by telegram earlier (the doctors sent this test to Tikvah Ethiopia).
  • A large number of questions are circulating on each channel, and the presence of unanswered questions indicates that they have left the Central Request Bank (according to evidence sent to Tikvah)
  • The letter of complaint filed with MoH today (including suggestions) is attached above. In addition, information on the test takers being exchanged in Xender before the test is given is attached above.

Doctors from the Tikvah family, who have complained of cheating on the exam or leaving early, are asking for a solution.

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