Solomon, Hermela and Selam

Hermela and Solomon Bogale were seen at the US recently fueling speculation about them dating. It is known to the public that both artists are currently divorced from their marriage. So it is common to such speculation when two famous persons seen at special events together. But Addisgo cannot confirm the information as it stands. […] More

Interview with artist Selam Tesfaye

She is now fully engaged to her job. As it is common in the entertainment industry people tend to believe everything said about artists in the media. Dir ena mag episode 102 kana TV drama Famous artist Wazi world show up Comedian Asefa Tegegn discussed about his new charity org Haile Gebressilassie meets Tariku Dishtagina […] More

Entewawekalen wey Ebs show

Ebs has many creative shows on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday there is a show called “ye shay seat” where viewers will get the chance to see their favorite artists on the show. And on Sunday, there is a show called “entewawekalen wey” a show that focuses on couples. This show asks both partners and […] More

I know him before ten years

Tekalign was a loyal servant of her and he takes care of her I a very special manner. Meron only speaks of him highly and respectfully. As time passes there starts to be some sort of feeling from Meron for Tekalign. Tekalign also admitted Meron is always in his thoughts and he has feared that […] More

Veronica Adane and Biruk

Famous Ethiopian artist. Erotica Adane speaks to Seifu Fantahun. Previously she was not comfortable to talk about potential marriage but know she said she has changed her mind for good. Biruk is a designer who is living out side Addis Ababa and he was seen carrying banner with his friends which reads as “I need […] More

Artist Zebiba Girma Response | Mayor Adanech Abebie

Zebiba Girma, one of the recently successful Ethiopian singers gave cleared the rumour around her personal life. Mayor Adanech Abebie showed her resilience by creating better job opportunities for the city youth. A digital advertising screen was purchased and assembled at a cost of 200 million birr The digital advertising screen launched by Isaias Advertising […] More

successful business woman Yetnayt Tamrat

Ethiopian artist Yetnayet Tamrat (mimi) interview with Gizachew. She is one of the most influential Ethiopian artist. Yetnayt is an enterpruner who has opened an opportunity for work to many fellow citizens. She is an owner of Swiss Diagnostic center located in Addis Ababa around BOLE Welosefer area. Yeti had performed in several Ethiopian movies […] More

Artist Amleset Muchie donation

Amleset Muchie, a wife of famous singer Teddy Afro, donated 10000USD for the charity organized by comedian Eshetu Melese. suggested Bench Sheko Zone has recorded excellent results of the development works started following the relative peace in Gurafarda district :- Dr. Alemu Sme Senior leaders of the federal government visited various development projects in South […] More

Free channels on DSTV Ethiopia June 2023

Dstv offers great range of entertainment channels divided across different subscription packages. The main packages are as follows with their respective monthly subscription price. If in case your subscription is expired, dstv offers you free channels so that you stay connected. But what ever your subscription package was you will possibly lose Movie, News, and […] More

Melat Nebiyu with her friends

Famous artist Melat Nebiyu is expecting her second baby the coming days. She is married last September. She has a daughter which was born from another father. Melat previously dated another star actor Henok Dinku but they later brokeup. Dir ena mag episode 102 kana TV drama Famous artist Wazi world show up Comedian Asefa […] More

Adey weded at Mekedonia

Famous Adey drama actress Bemnet Mulugeta weded at Mekedonia as a gesture of respect to her fans and family. “Aradan again” 90-day human-oriented development projects were graduated The people-oriented development works carried out in ninety days to make Arada sub-city comfortable and attractive for its residents was completed in the presence of senior leaders of […] More

Hiwot, who is 9 years ol, given a new home

Addis Ababa city administration given Hiwot and her brother a new home. Hiwot is raising her brother alone. After the change, steps were taken to increase political participation and inclusiveness.Adam Farah, Vice President of the Prosperity Party and Head of the Party’s Head Office. To see the hope that the change brought; It is necessary […] More