Famous actress Hanan Tariq mesmerizing photos

Famous actress and model Hanan Tariq amazing photos and music collection. Enjoy all the latest insta photos of the most loved and cherished actress Hanan Tariq, who is a mother of two. Suggested news: Mr. Sadha Ledamo laid the foundation stone for schools to be built in two districts. The head of the Sidama region, […] More

Heran Gedyon – Shega Lij | Rising Ethiopian star

Heran Gedyon – Shega Lij | Rising Ethiopian star singer on Kana Television channel. Suggested Article for you After cancer and heart disease, what is killing many people is stroke A stroke is a blood clot in the brain, and it is a fatal disease. Our brain receives oxygen and essential nutrients through blood circulation, […] More

Actress Melat Nebiyu breaks her silence

Actress Melat Nebiyu is a famous Ethiopian artist who has excelled in her profession for the last decade or so. Suggested article In the World Cup of Qatar, waiting games will be held today Four preliminary matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup group stage will be played today. The match between Switzerland and Cameroon […] More

Addisalem Getaneh and Martha Goytom on Maya media

Addisalem Getaneh and Martha Goytom on Maya media. Being disabled is not a reason for povertyAto Jantarar Abay, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration and Head of the City’s Employment, Enterprise and Industry Development Office The administration of Kirkos sub-city today handed over the keys to 35 enterprises organized by the disabled. Deputy Mayor […] More

The talented actress Sayat Demissie and Love

Sayat Demissie is a famous Ethiopian actress and model. She has graced the film industry for morethan a decade now. Sayat shares a lot in common with regular Ethiopian citizen. She always prefers the normal life style rather than celebrity life which she got through her dedication and hard working. Suggested news The administration of […] More

Traditional wedding program

Traditional wedding program. Country and appearance ~ [Art show] Ethiopia The 34th Galleria Tomoka Art Exhibition will be held on Friday, November 9, 2015. close to. It is known that Tomoka has been working to satisfy the coffee needs of our city’s residents for the past 70 years since 1946. Since the last 10 years, […] More

25 year old Kenyan man to marry his 85 years old fiancee

Neighbor Kenya 🇰🇪 The young man is a 25-year-old university student and his name is Patrick. His beautiful fiancee is 85 years old Moreover, her deceased husband left her Her name is Teresa. She met Patrick when he rented one of her dorms. Because love has no age limit, even an old man was sent […] More

Comedian Eshetu Melese much talked wedding

Comedian Eshetu Melese married his long time fiancee and their video is everywhere on social media. Suggested article Ethiopia is working on a long-term plan to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – Prime Minister Abiy Addis Ababa, November 2022: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated that Ethiopia is working to implement a long-term plan […] More

Artist Moges Teka surprised his wife

Famous artist Moges Teka surprised his wife by an amazing song. Suggested for you, Members of the House of Representatives conducted an eye examination and breast cancer examination In connection with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and eye screening under the theme ‘Focus on our eyes’, the council members conducted early screening for […] More

Hamelmal, Veronica and Tsehaye Yohannes music

Hamelmal Abate, Tsehay Yohannes and Veronica Adane sings on Hamelmals sister daughter wedding party. PurposeBlack Ethiopia held a launch program for the Farmers’ Produce Distribution Project. The launch schedule of the Farmer’s Product Distribution Project was held on October 22, 2015 in the company’s main meeting hall in the presence of Dr. Fseha Eshetu, CEO […] More

“I invited him to the wedding because I respect him”

Artist Melat Nebiyu talks about who she invited on her Wedding and who couldn’t make it on the day. Suggested News, Addis Ababa City Administration Education Office and Education and Training Control Authority jointly held a panel discussion on mother tongue and the new curriculum preparation and implementation at Grand Eliana Hotel. In the panel […] More

Melat Nebiyu interview

Melat Nebiyu is having a time of her life with her new husband after she was separated with Henok Dinku. Suggested The Grand Palace Heritage and Parking Project which is in its final phase!!! The overall project construction has four levels (4 Basement), including parking, shops, cafeteria, amphitheater, internet service point, work offices and other […] More