Biruktawit Shimelis on Seifu show

Famous Ethiopian actress Biruktawit Yohannes spoke to Seifu about her new movie. It is the second time she appeared on his show. Biruk has graced many films with her amazing performance.

In Dessie, a mother gave birth to three boys at once

Addis Ababa: June 30, 2014 (FBC) A mother gave birth to three boys at once in Dessie.

Rabia Shemsedin gave birth to three boys yesterday.

Rabia, a resident of the Robit neighborhood in Dessie, is in critical condition and is being treated at a hospital.

When she arrives at the hospital, she will not be able to give birth and will be operated on by a health professional.

Accordingly, Mrs. Rabia gave birth to three boys at once.

During her time with Fana Broadcasting Corporation, Ms. Rabia said: “I am happy to have three children at once.

Her husband, Nuru Mohammed, said all three children are now in good health.

In the education sector, the June 30 Green Imprint Day “Let’s Dress Ethiopia” program begins tomorrow in Arba Minch

Addis Ababa: June 30, 2014 (FBC) The national program “Let’s Dress Ethiopia” will be launched tomorrow in Arbaminch town.

The program was attended by the Minister of Education, Dr. Eng. Getahun Mukaraba, the leadership of the Ministry of Education, officials and staff of 12 regional education bureaus and teachers’ association Arbaminch town.

Today, the tourist attractions in Arbaminch town are visited by Arbaminch Nature Forest, Crocodile Ranch Arba springs and Lake Abaya.

According to information received from the Gamo Zone Communication Office, the National Sector Seedling Planting Program will be launched tomorrow in Arbaminch town.

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