Selam Tesfaye met her fans at Sheraton

Selam tesfaye

Celebrity meet and greet was held at Sheraton Addis with the first guest being famous actress Selam Tesfaye. She had got the chance to meet her fans, talk to them, take pictures with them and had shared a dinner.

Selam Tesfaye was born in Harar. She moved to several cities in her childhood as her parents were moving due to work. She had also lived in Shashemene, Diredawa, Tolay and Humera.

She fondly remembers her Humera days. It where she met her soulmate Amanuel, the now her husband. The two were in love and lived as a fiancee for more than eight years before they decided to get married and moved together.

Amanuel is a business man while selam is a successful actress and model. She has performed on several Ethiopian films such as Mandela, Be Chi’s tedebike, and other top rated movies.

Selam is a mother of a handsome boy. She is living with her husband for the last three years. And they are one of the happiest couple in the film industry.

Selam became the first meet and greet guest. There were fans who were able to pay 2500 birr for a dinner. The collected money will be used for a charity, the organizer promised to the attendees.

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