Hanan Tariq amazing on flight celebration

Hanan Tariq has celebrated her birthday with her friends and her sponsors surprised her with an amazing gift. She was also part of the crew that flew over the air for vacation. She got more than any Ethiopian actresses and models for endorsement in the last year.

Higher education institutions should focus on peace building

Eastern Development Fana Residents’ Charity in collaboration with the Youth and Cultural Development Foundation (YCDE) held an awareness raising forum on civic education in higher education institutions.
Dr. Girma Mitiku, Director of YCDE, said the event was attended by religious leaders, university students and invited guests. .
Dr. Girma said the country is committed to maintaining peace by developing and nurturing indigenous conflicts and peace-building cultures as well as educating the younger generation.

In addition to higher education institutions, Dr. Girma said families and communities should play their part in maintaining peace and preventing issues that could disrupt peace.
Participants of the training also said that the inclusion of education in the curriculum is very important to maintain peace in the country.

Residents of Dire Dawa administration said they are ready to provide all necessary support for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Dire Dawa administration has entered the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Cup.

          The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a living testimony to the world that Ethiopians can not only eat together, but also work together to connect the current generation with the next generation. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam trophy has been in the Harari region for the past five months and has been welcomed by senior government officials and residents.

         Ahmed Mohamed Buh, Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration, said the arrival of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam trophy in Dire Dawa coincides with the completion of the second phase of the dam.

        Ahmed added that millions of revenue is expected to be raised for the construction of the dam during his tenure in Dire Dawa.

       Residents of the city, who welcomed the trophy to the Dire Dawa administration, said they are happy that the trophy has come to Dire Dawa and they are ready to support the construction of the dam.

         A billboard was inaugurated at Legehar Square in Dire Dawa.

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