Danayit Mekbib surprise marriage proposal at Dubai

Danayit Mekbib surprise marriage proposal at Dubai.

Perseverance means. . .

The only thing you have to start with is difficult, and when you fall over and over again, the only thing you can do is lift yourself up and move on. The root of perseverance is in your thoughts or minds.

When you fall, you will never fall if you convince yourself that no one else can lift you up and that you have the sole responsibility to get up again. When you are determined to lift yourself up and move on with the strength that the Creator has given you, you will protect yourself from hopeless people and situations that could not be solved, from being bitter to those who thought you did not support me.

By the way, the right kind of people who come to see your struggle and come to solve the problem are attracted to those who are struggling in a positive and sincere way, not to those who complain that no one has reached them. That’s not how the world works.

If you think that you are going through a difficult time, you will surely overcome it. Get up! Shake your dust! Keep going again!

I got married very quickly. It was only in the early months of our marriage that we began to feel the effects of not having enough time to get to know each other. Meanwhile, I became very close to a neighbor living in a condominium. We suddenly fell in love. Although my husband did not know it, I thought the villagers were suspicious. I knew I was making a mistake, but I couldn’t stop. I no longer fear the neighbors. I have come what may. I want to leave the marriage and live with this person. But he also does not want to see the future of the two of us. I was very happy with my secret love affair, but the whole situation was confusing. Tell me what to do? Don’t just tell me you’re serious about your marriage.

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