Wendi Mak – Shambaa Rambaa New Ethiopian music 2022

wendi mak Shambaa rambaa

Love is defeat. It is love. Love means being submissive. Love is accepting to live without reason. Love is out of control so yes it is defeat.
It can be scary love, incurable pain, incurable wounds, incessant tears and grief.

It is not the person you love who fears, Love itself. After you fall in love, everything you say “I” will disappear. You will be a benefit to yourself. It means there will be someone else who will voluntarily put you first.

Love without captivity is captive; Surrender, self-indulgence, isolation, extinction, and alienation into the world of strangers. It’s not scary, don’t judge me, it’s scary. “

But we are not afraid of love because we are male or female. It is because we are human. None of us want to plan and direct our lives, even if we cannot control them. To say I love you is to give up all this. Because I love you, everything I have ever lived, planned, and thought about will be wiped out. I do not know what will happen, what will come, what will happen. “Because he is out of my control.”

Ignorance is scary. Even when I am in control, I know very little about the course of my life. But I think I know, so I will live in peace. ”

But love destroys pretense. All of my life’s work, my knowledge, my friends, etc., in front of me are meaningless. But above all, you know what is frightening. ‘
She said, “What?”

Therefore, it is not surprising that a person who loves and is truly loved can declare his love. Someone who simply says he loves you has no idea who he is or what he is doing. ‘

“But why do you love me?” She said with a smile.

“Love knows no reason,” she said.

“Absence pp. 244-246”
“✍️ Find David Brother”

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