Yaltabese Enba Episode 109 Kana TV drama

Yaltabese Enba is one of the most popular TV shows on Kana Television.  It is one of the most followed shows shows in Ethiopia. This is the latest episode please do enjoy.


Prosperity Party should regularly evaluate its leadership and take appropriate action to fulfill its responsibilities to the people: Scholars

Prosperity party is constantly evaluating its leadership, identifying what is being rewarded and what is to be asked, and the people should keep their word, say scholars.

Speaking to Fana Broadcasting Corporation, Bekele Habtamu, an African affairs researcher at Wachamo University, said the country needs to work harder to overcome the current cost of living, insecurity, theft and other problems.

He also said that in order to address the issue of security and the cost of living, the government should crack down on corrupt connections made by corrupt officials and irresponsible private investors.

For his part, Andargachew Tesfahun, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Gondar, said the cost of living should be addressed based on economic status and international realities.

Explain that the security situation requires the commitment of the government.

He also pointed out that there should be procedures to ensure that those who are rewarded are held accountable and those who should be held accountable are held accountable.

In a common country, he said, instead of expecting all changes to come from one party, the two countries should work together.

The scholars also point out that the government should be closer to the people by expanding the ways in which they feel the needs of the people.

He also said that there is a need to work together to focus on the big things and not on the big things.

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