Yaltabese Enba Episode 111 Kana TV drama

yaltabese Enba episode 111

In the next 3 months, 150 million liters of oil will be imported: Mr. Ahmed Shide

The Ministry of Finance has announced that it has purchased 12.5 million liters of oil from a producer in Djibouti.

According to Finance Minister Ahmed Shede, the government has purchased 12.5 million liters of oil from Djibouti to stabilize the market.

Out of this, 4.8 million liters are being imported and distributed, he said.

He said the remaining 7.7 million liters are being transported.

He further said that 50 million liters will be purchased every month and 150 million liters in three months.

He said 1.1 billion liters were imported last year and various decisions have been made to stabilize the market.

He said the government would increase its subsidy on oil to other sectors.


Ethiopia | Artist Solomon Bogale has become an ambassador of ztruck

zTruck has launched three applications that can be installed on mobile phones and computers.

Applications Connect the Installer and the Finder

  • Where the loaded item arrived:
  • When to get into the hands of the installer;
  • It is a modern system that clearly shows the price to both the payer and the service provider, and ensures that the shipment arrives safely and efficiently.

Artist Solomon Bogale has signed an ambassadorship agreement with Yitit Denekew, General Manager of Zitrak.

Information technology expert Haile Yesus Zerihun told reporters that the track transport service, which is based on Ethiopians of American descent living in the United States, has finalized preparations to launch three applications for mobile, mobile and computer applications.

The program was attended by the Minister of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Bilete Molla, and Dr. Shumete Gizaw, Director General of Information Network Security Administration.

He said the two institutions have provided the necessary technology and security checks to the company and will continue to work with the company.

The Truck Transport Service Limited announced the launch of an Ethiopian freight forwarding application today, March 7, 2014 at the Sheraton Addis Hotel.

According to Haile Yesus Zerihun, the application is easy and transparent for customers of truckers engaged in trucking.

“This truck is a company that is doing a lot of work to ensure the safety of its customers’ goods,” he said.

This track was introduced by Solomon Bogale, a renowned artist in the field of art to further promote the service to the public.

The statement was made by Judith Denekew, General Manager of the organization, ITES Specialist Haileyesus Zerihun and Founder Zerubabel Abay, both of whom are Ethiopians of American origin.

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