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We are pleased with the overall readiness of the Ethiopian Air Force and its current position – celebrities

We are pleased with the overall readiness and current status of the Ethiopian Air Force. “We are proud,” said a number of dignitaries who visited the Bischoff Air Force.

Ethiopian human rights activist Obang Meto and other celebrities, including Ethiopian athlete Derartu Tulu, visited the Ethiopian Air Force in Bischofswerda.

He said he was pleased and proud of the overall readiness of the Ethiopian Air Force.

“I am happy and proud of everything I saw during my visit to the Ethiopian Air Force,” said heroic athlete Commander Derartu Tulu.

She said the Ethiopian Air Force deserves great respect and gratitude for modernizing the country.

Human rights activist Obang Meto said he had visited the Ethiopian Air Force for the first time and said he had always seen the Ethiopian Air Force as a national pride.

According to ENA, he was overjoyed to see a place that was previously banned, let alone outside.

He said the fact that a modern institution like the Ethiopian Air Force is open to the public not only creates a sense of self but also a source of joy and pride.

Addis Ababa Communication Bureau Head, Yonas Zewde, on his part said he understands that the Air Force is a symbol of the future of Ethiopia.

Artist Abrar Abdo, who was present at the visit, on his part expressed surprise that the Ethiopian Air Force has become more organized and modern than ever before.

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