Sibet Episode 12 A amazing kana TV drama

Hotels are rare here. At the end of our unofficial inspection, which began with the airwaves, we were greeted by the staff of the Ethiopian Football Federation, Teddy Franco, with the help of Vedic Victor.

Victor Cameron is a Cameroonian businessman … He is a sincere man who runs a hotel in his hometown of Yaounde with his Ethiopian wife Blaine for the last time in exile in the French cities of Hong Kong and Dubai.

We unloaded our delicious service from Sheger and Nish Catering with a cold beer at Cameroon and opened our stay in Yaoundé at the Victor Hotel. Go to Bole Divorce and spend the night.

Victor, our brother, welcome my friends no problem here.

   Although Cameroon’s Yaounde standard airport does not have many attractive hotels, it owns a magnificent stadium complex, such as Joe Berg Soccer City or Rio Marrakesh Beijing Beds Net London London Quinn Elizabeth Park. I’m really envious that I haven’t seen Ololombe Stadium yet! I have a stadium like this in this filthy city.

One of the good things that Paul Biya has done for Cameroon is their unparalleled success. Addis Ababa, the motherland of Ethiopia, is surrounded by all-encompassing luxury hotels. It ‘s going to pass us by !!!

After all, Cameroon showed us a beautiful opening.
In a guerrilla warfare, we arrived at the modern Olimbe Stadium with armed veterans like Paul Biya, who had been transferred to Cameroon’s Emboma Eto’o Olobebe Lauren Jeremy Roberts Song Sung.

By the way, the cheeses in Cameroon are even better than Indifi … When you get ready for the derby, you will only get sex if you fall into the ring or get drunk. You do not say no. And you’re facing an indifference to entering Olympus Stadium … are you late? How did the king come in first? Who are you and you arrive late?

The opening is beautifully decorated in African colors!

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