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In Addis Ababa over the past six months, 29 bakeries have been found to be selling less than one gram

There are more than 2,800 bakeries in Addis Ababa and they are buying and selling bread without the government subsidy.

The Addis Ababa Trade Bureau is investigating the fact that the bakeries are supplying wheat in the amount of gram reported, according to Daniel Bieso, head of the bureau’s communications department. “Action has been taken against the houses,” Daniel told Bisrat Radio.

Of the 29 bakeries affected, seven were given written warnings and the rest were administered. Launched by First Lady Zinash Tayachew, the bakery is in progress and is in the process of testing input and supply.

According to Daniel, the price of Sheger bread is unreasonable and there is a shortage of wheat in the market.

At the time of the baptism, it was said that dangerous practices should be avoided.

The Addis Ababa Fire and Emergency Prevention and Control Commission said the work done to beautify squares, roads and cottages should be avoided and professionally assisted.

The commission’s public relations officer, Nigatu Mamo, said in a telephone interview with Bisrat Radio that three years ago, four youths were pushing the cart carrying the coffins near the new market. They say it should be professional.

According to Nigatu, care should be taken in the preparation of temporary electric tents and platforms.

According to Nigatu, in the villages where the Ark is passing, the Archangel carriages should not be connected to the low-voltage power lines. They said they were working.

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