Amazing time with actress Hanan Tariq

Hanan Tariq is a mother of two beautiful kids. She is married early unlike many other popular artists. She is loved by thousands for her acting performance and her humble character.


The Minister of Culture and Sports, Kejela Merdasa, handed over the job

Kejela Merdasa, who has been appointed as the new Minister of Culture and Sports, handed over his duties to former Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dr. Hirut Kassaw.

During the handover, Dr. Hirut Kassaw briefed the Minister on the organization and activities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports as well as future plans.

Kejela Merdasa expressed his happiness over his appointment as Minister of Culture and Sports.

According to information received from the ministry, they also thanked the leadership of the ministry.

“It should be noted that the education sector is not a political office but a service to serve the people” Prof. Berhanu Nega !!

The Minister of Education, Prof. Berhanu Nega, discussed with the General Staff of the Ministry of Education issues that need to be further addressed.

The employees who participated in the discussion briefed the Minister on the problems of operation, good governance and organization of the institution.

To investigate and solve the problems in the institution; The workers said they should work to make the education sector free from politics and business.

Prof. Berhanu Nega said that they are ready to work better by taking the ideas raised by the employees as input and resolving them.

He said the education sector is not a political office but a service established to serve the people.

He said the institution has a great responsibility to create a better generation and better work is expected to be done.

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