Interview with Mikiyas Mohammed

Bale Taxiw is a movie that introduced him to the wider audience and movie fans. He has also appeared on some television drama series.

Ministry of Trade and Regional Coordination announces that retail prices will continue in October

With the exception of jet fuel, the retail price of petroleum products will continue in October, according to the Ministry of Trade and Regional Cooperation.

The retail price of jet fuel has been increased from 45 birr 76 cents to 47 birr 43 cents.

On the other hand, it is suggested that adjustments can be made based on world oil prices.

Commissioner holds talks with Ethiopian Ambassador to China

Investment Commissioner Lisse Neme held talks with Ethiopian Ambassador to China Zaho Zhou and Chinese Minister of Economy and Trade Ru Yang Yi Hang.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways to strengthen the long-term investment relationship between the two countries through promotions, after care programs as well as various exchanges of experience, and the establishment of frequent forums with Chinese investors.

According to information from the Investment Commission, an agreement has been reached to work together in the investment sector.

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