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Tallest Ethiopian man Jima appealed for a car

Jimma is a towering presence with 2.35m height. He often found it difficult to use mass transport due to his height. In Ethiopia the taxi size is not enough to fit his size.

He has recently appealed to Ethiopians to buy a car for him and take care of his health.

We are working to produce honey quickly and with high quality to provide it to the local and international markets – President Shimel Abdisa


Oromia National Regional Government; He is taking various measures to make family prosperity a reality and make it accessible to every farmer and herdsman, said the Head of Government, Shimels Abdisa.

Of these: A new initiative called “We will make Oromia a sea of ​​honey” was launched in 2013 to increase the production and productivity of honey, and to supply it to the local and international markets by producing it in quantity, speed and quality. He said that he has announced and started working in Jimma city.

Honey Cultivation; In addition to increasing the economy of our agriculture and pastoralism, it also ensures a balanced food supply by addressing food security problems at the national and regional levels, and especially plays an important role in raising a bright generation, he explained.

The initiative announced around honey development; He said that support and monitoring is being done at every level to bring concrete results.

According to the direction set by our government, 30 percent of the production from the Oromia Forestry and Wildlife Institute is used for modern beehive production.

in addition; He said that the institute can use up to 30 percent of the wood production to produce modern beehives and provide it to micro and small associations free of charge, instead of 2600 birr to the rest of the users, only 1100 birr will be charged for the manual cost, so it has been possible to expand modern beehives.

In this step; In 2013 It was possible to provide only 111,790 modern beehives in 2015. And 355,024 were provided.

It is planned to provide more than one million modern beehives this year, and according to the information obtained from their social networking page, 178,150 modern beehives have been transferred to users.

In terms of honey production; In 2015 86,000 tons were produced. Planned to produce 113,921 tons this year; 6,186 tonnes of honey was produced in this quarter. In relation to this; He said that if a person who wants to benefit from these decisions and wants uninterrupted government support comes to the relevant office and meets the basic requirements, he will be treated well.

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