Ethiopian barefoot wedding | Hanan Tariq

Hanan Tariq showed her immense talent. The girl came out with bare foot on her wedding day.

New appointees and candidates are required to register assets.

According to Mesfin Belayneh, Director of Property Reporting and Registration at the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, new government appointees and public officials appointed following the formation of the government are required to report and register their assets.

According to the proclamation, all appointees, elected officials and public servants are required to report and register their assets.

In addition, according to the Assets Registration Guidelines, public and government appointees are required to conduct initial or renewal of assets prior to the commencement of work at the institution to which they have been appointed or assigned.

According to Mesfin, newly appointed heads of state institutions and elected officials are required to report and register their sources and sources in accordance with these proclamations and directives.

Bisrat Radio explained that it will help to make the system of government more transparent and accountable, to establish a system of self-government and to prevent conflicts of interest.

The proclamation also stipulates that those who do not register their assets on time may be held accountable by law. The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FECAC) reported a total of 836,528 nominees, elected officials and civil servants.

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