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Hanan Tariq amazing new abs workout show

Hanan has shown her commitment to sport in her latest video she posted on IG. She has advised her fans to follow her on ans work out with a message “sport helps to relieve anger and build body”.

The implementation of the meal program is said to have increased the number of students attending school.

Addis Ababa City Administration Student Nutrition Agency announced that the implementation of the student feeding program has increased the number of students attending school this academic year.

The agency said it has finalized preparations to provide food to all pre-primary and primary schools with a budget of over 1.7 billion birr this budget year.

He said an additional 80 million birr has been allocated for each product.

Agency Director General Isaias Mercy told ENA: He said the implementation of the program has given parents confidence in public schools and reduced dropout rates.

He said more than 240 additional dining and cooking halls have been constructed in 2013 to identify gaps in the implementation of the program.

The city administration is committed to feed children’s for free throughout the year by reducing worry of their poor family.

He said the feeding program has attracted more than 40,000 more students this school year. He also announced that the feeding program will start on 1 day 2014.

He noted that the uniform will be distributed and completed within a week of the start of the course; He said more than 1.4 million notebooks have been distributed to students so far. He also said that the supply of notebooks will continue after the start of school.

He said the feeding program not only alleviates the pressure of parents but also plays an important role in nation building by ensuring that students attend school safely.

He also reminded parents to ensure that students use the materials provided by the government properly.

He recalled that in the 2013 school year, parental supervision was low.

This year’s school feeding program includes more than 520,000 students in Addis Ababa and more than 194,000 students in the Oromia region around Addis Ababa.

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