The girl who loves Jacky Goose

It’s heartbreaking that we met Jackie Gossin, a young woman who had spent her life in a convent.

The sound of rain outside is disturbing. She bought a beautiful dress to tell him the good news. The perfume is not under her neck, she is preparing dinner.
. . . Still, she did not feel safe, and she did not feel safe.
Will he still drink in the cold? Her fears grew louder and louder as the hours went by. The light flashes from time to time. She walks in and out of the living room. She watches the wall clock over and over again. When he gets drunk, he forgets that he has a key. When he drank, he was a little distracted from human thinking. He told her that he loved her with a stick. . . But today, all of this is going to end because there is a child who is maintaining a bond that was not between them before! You are going to give it to him.
She didn’t know she was pregnant. As soon as she announced the good news, all this jealousy would disappear. Her doubts would disappear. Peace will be at home. . . He entered the courtyard and reached the living room door.

“You were with Manabash, were you throwing him out the window?”
“Wait, His Majesty. . . She did not give him a chance to speak
“I’m pregnant with your glory,” he said with a sigh of relief
“She is pregnant. . Me? You dog, you are deceiving me. Come out of my house! ››
Her mouth was dry and she was shaking
“Are you pregnant?” Don’t remember which one? ››
It hurts not to be able to cry while trying to cry! How sad it is not to be able to describe the pain, the inability to express how I feel! Loss of hearing with a great truth is that loss that wipes away the tears that are coming! It is hard to describe the feeling that floods can aggravate grief, but it does not end it.
“You’re the one who’s in your stomach.”
“Your son is your glory.”
“You’re from Haji,” she said, throwing her to the floor. She shouted.

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