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Interview with famous actress Hanan Tariq

Hanan Tariq has performed on several Television series and other movies. She is also a model and entrepreneur. She is a mother of two.

Wegagen Bank donates one million birr to Heart Patient Resource Center

The Bank’s 25th anniversary celebration was held during the official opening ceremony of the bank’s board of directors, said Abdushu Hussein, chairman of the bank’s board of directors.

He said the bank’s activities in the northern part of the country have had a significant impact on the bank’s activities, adding that the bank is fulfilling its social responsibility even at this difficult time.

He thanked the bank for its support and called on other institutions and the community to continue their support to the center.

According to the Heart Center’s Ambassador Artist, Mebrate received a check for 1 million birr from the Board’s Chairman, Abdishu Hussein.

The bank was established 25 years ago with 16 investors and 30 million birr and 60 million birr signed capital. It currently has 398 branches across the country.

Wegagen Bank’s paid up capital reached 3.2 billion birr and increased its total capital to 5.5 billion birr.

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