Reality show with artist Addisalem Getaneh

Addisalem is a cool girl and a well known artist. She has performed on several movies and television series. This time she sat down with fellow actress Martha Goytom to share her life experience.

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Ethiopia to start crude oil production from tomorrow – PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has said that Ethiopia will start testing crude oil production from tomorrow.

In a statement issued today, the Prime Minister said the exploration of crude oil and natural gas by the Chinese Poly CGL company in the Somali region of eastern Ethiopia has yielded results.

He said the production of 450 barrels of crude oil per day will start on June 21.

He said the extraction work has taken into account the country’s potential.

He said this will help alleviate unemployment and foreign exchange shortages and bring about sustainable growth.

He recalled that during his last visit to Ethiopia, an agreement was reached on the peaceful use of natural resources.

Regarding natural gas, he said the construction of a gas pipeline to Djibouti will begin next September.

He said the pipeline would be completed in two years and would generate $ 1 billion a year when it was launched on a trial basis.

He said it will generate $ 8 billion a year when it starts supplying gas at full capacity.

He said Ethiopia has a lot of man-made and natural resources, noting that the differences have prevented us from using these resources properly.

In this regard, he stressed the need to share the natural resources equally and fairly.

He said the exploitation of natural resources is a major problem for Africans and stressed the need to use the available resources peacefully.

He said the crude oil will also help bring new resources, adding that he hopes the resources that will benefit the people will continue to be available in Ethiopia.

He thanked the company for its work and assured that the government would provide the necessary support in the process.

He called on the public to cooperate in order to benefit from the investment.

He conveyed his congratulatory message to all Ethiopians and called for the resources to be used for mutual benefit, not violence.

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