Eregnaye drama part 21 – season 2 Episode 9

My Shepherd or Eregnaye TV Series is a very popular drama right now for the viewer. The jacket we saw on it is completely different from the one he wore first, but at what time can he go home and change his jacket.
Thank you for not repeating such Continity and similar errors in the following sections
My Shepherd TV Drama Series Every Monday, Wednesday: 3pm on ARTS TV

He has acted in more than 54 Ethiopian films. But his fame is not limited to film. He has starred in 16 stage theaters, 3 consecutive television dramas and many short dramas. In a series of interviews with #Solomon_Bogale, who has made a name for himself in the popular TV series “#Me_Some”, he was heard praising the great actor Zewdu Abegaz.

Solomon is one of the actors who is paid more than 250,000 birr for a film. In addition to acting, Solomon is a father of a son and a daughter who is admired for his charitable work. He is also known for his prolific performances in the 11th Hour, Triangle and the films Nile or Vegas.
And now we are intrigued by the unique role of #eregnsye in the #ARTS TV series.

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