Henok Dinku dancing with his new girl

Henok Dinku is a famous Zemen drama actor. Since he has also performed on other movies. He is one of the controversial artists in the city. But yet he is a humble person for those who are close to him.

#Ethiopia | Ethio Telecom customers will receive a 20 percent discount from this year.

Ethio-Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru briefed reporters on the company’s 2014 plan.

He said Ethio-Telecom will implement new and more convenient and efficient services for its customers during the current budget year.

He said it will implement simpler and more affordable services for customers, including those that have been discounted.

Ethio Telecom customers will receive a 20 percent discount from today.

He said the Addis Ababa mobile package package, which will last for one month in the new year, will be reduced by 44 percent.

He also said that customers will be able to share their purchases with others and convert their purchases into voice, text and other services.

He said a 68 percent discount will be introduced for businesses to purchase packages and exchange text messages.

The new package, which will be shared by friends and family, will also be implemented, she said.

Ethio Telecom plans to earn 70 billion birr in the current budget year and increase its customer base to 64 million birr.

Black Cinnamon: Health Blessings

1st. For calm

Drinking one tablespoon of the essential oil of black cumin on an empty stomach will keep you calm and alert throughout the day. Also, taking one tablespoon of the essential oil of black cumin before going to bed at night provides a restful and pleasant night’s sleep.

Drink one tablespoon of black cumin oil and one cup of coffee. It relieves stress and helps to calm down.

2nd. For cough and asthma

Massage the chest and back with oil, drink three tablespoons a day, and add two tablespoons of hot water to inhale the steam.

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