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Artist Zebiba Girma Response | Mayor Adanech Abebie

Zebiba Girma, one of the recently successful Ethiopian singers gave cleared the rumour around her personal life.

Mayor Adanech Abebie showed her resilience by creating better job opportunities for the city youth.

A digital advertising screen was purchased and assembled at a cost of 200 million birr

The digital advertising screen launched by Isaias Advertising today cost more than two hundred million birr and will be installed in 25 major places and buildings in Addis Ababa. The first two screens here at Four Kilo were officially inaugurated today and are ready for use.

This screen is said to be the first of its kind in our country and it is designed in HD format and is said to be easy to control.

Isaias Advertising is a veteran advertising company founded 20 years ago by the young entrepreneur Isaias Gashau and is known for doing many advertising works.

The founder of the company, Isaias Gashaw, before starting as Isaias Ad, worked in Addis Ababa, especially around Bambis Super Market, distributing newspapers and washing cars.

So, this young man opened a small office called Isaias Advertising from the area where he was circulating the newspaper, and then he was ordered to make a twenty-page print for a company; This encounter was a great opportunity for Isaias that changed the direction of his life and made his dream come true.

Isaiah’s advertising work, which started as “A” at that time, today; In addition to advertising works, printing works, outdoor advertisements and garment works, which he is very well known for, were the reason for the establishment of an institution and created employment opportunities for around one hundred and fifty citizens.

In addition to the advertising, printing and garment works that Isaias Ad does, in order to fulfill his social responsibility, he established a charity organization called Isaias Foundation and has been providing shelter, food and educational materials to forty mothers and children for the past ten years.
Isaias Advertising has left an unforgettable mark by actively participating in many national social issues.

For example, during the outbreak of the covid epidemic, by making awareness messages easily accessible to the community, by helping with revenue collection programs in drought-stricken areas of our country, and by helping our city’s ninety-day project in Kirkos and Windphone sub-districts with more than 200 million birr, in addition to creating job opportunities for the community in the area. Residents benefited from parking, bakery and car wash services. This is expected beyond the various advertising activities that Isaiah advertises
It is a demonstration of his determination to fulfill his national responsibility. (via YouTube Reporter)

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