An agreement was signed to renovate the Addis Ababa Stadium at a cost of 39.6 million birr

FDRE Sports Commission to renovate Addis Ababa Stadium Of. He signed a contract with a private company today.

The renovations will be based on CAF’s previous recommendations and will include the playground, dressing and bathrooms, spectator toilets, electrical and sanitation work.

Render for the renovation Friendly Engineering Plc. Of. Private company won with 39.6 million birr and said the company will complete the renovation within the stipulated time.

FDRE Sports Commissioner Elias Shikur, for his part, said the stadium will host a number of international matches, including next year’s Betting Ethiopia Premier League. He urged the commission to provide the necessary support to ensure that the renovation is carried out within the stipulated time frame.

Yohannes Abay Architect Engineering Consulting is said to be overseeing and consulting the renovation work.

The renovation work will continue according to the design and will be renovated and renovated in Chapter Two of the Media Room, the Tribune Chair, Chair Fitness and other parts of the stadium.

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