Yetekelekele Part 149 (Kana TV drama)

If cement distributors and retailers do not get on the right track, government will intervene to solve sector problems – Ministry of Trade and Industry

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has warned that if the cement distributors and retailers do not fulfill their obligations to serve the country and the people within one month as per the law of the trade, the government will decide on a viable and sustainable solution to the sector’s problems.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry held discussions with National Intelligence and Security, Federal Police, Regional and City Administration Trade and Industry Bureau officials, cement producers, distributors and retailers on cement production and distribution.

Melaku Alebel, Minister of Trade and Industry, who chaired the meeting, said the government will work to solve the problem of the construction sector due to the shortage of cement.

According to information received from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Melaku warned that any increase in the price of cement products would be required by law unless the government agrees.

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