Action will be taken against taxis that do not serve their routes – Addis Ababa Transport Bureau

Addis Ababa Transport Bureau announced that it will take action against taxis that do not provide transportation service.

Taxi service has been observed in various parts of the capital in recent days, including today.

According to the city’s transport bureau, the shortage was caused by the fact that the service taxis did not operate in their normal routes.

Public Relations Director with the Bureau, Aregawi Maru, told ENA by telephone that the taxi drivers who have been involved in the incident have been warned and advised to avoid further stress.

However, he said, teacher action will be taken against those who are causing service shortages.

He said Sheger support buses have been provided to alleviate the current shortage of transport.

He also advised the community to use alternative public transport services in the event of a shortage of transport.

He said the city administration will launch more than 3,000 public transport buses in the coming years to alleviate the shortage of transportation in the city.

According to the director, some of the taxi drivers’ reasons for stopping their work are bank robberies, service requests and maintenance.

He said the intensification of monitoring and control activities in the capital has made it uncomfortable for drivers.

He said drivers are obliged to provide services in accordance with the contract of employment.

Taxi drivers, for their part, have complained to ENA that some traffic controllers will not be punished for failing to fulfill their public responsibilities.

He also called on the relevant Transport Regulatory Authority to take appropriate action and take appropriate action against them.

The city administration’s transport bureau has confirmed that it will take legal and administrative action by monitoring the transport regulators who do not fulfill their responsibilities.

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