Yetekelekele Episode 147 (Kana TV Drama)

Discussions were held on the draft foreign employment proclamation.

The House of Peoples’ Representatives Standing Committee on Women, Youth and Social Affairs discussed the draft proclamation to protect the rights, dignity and security of citizens while working abroad.

State Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Ayelech Eshete, on the occasion expressed the need for the draft proclamation and expressed hope that it would create more efficient and accessible job opportunities for citizens by solving the problems faced during the employment process abroad.

The state minister added that the draft will enable foreign employment to be legally responsible and ensure the safety of the employee.

House of Peoples Representatives Standing Committee on Women, Youth and Social Affairs, Ababa Yosef, on her part said the committee will hold discussions with stakeholders on issues to be included in the draft proclamation. The information we received indicates.

Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen has given instructions to newly appointed diplomats.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen, together with State Minister for Resource Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, today gave instructions to Diaspora Cluster Coordinators and Diplomats assigned to various FDRE missions.

Demeke said the meeting was held due to the need to assign diplomats for special missions. He said the diplomats have been assigned to Diaspora jobs, taking into account the ministry’s manpower capacity.

He said there are currently various activities that are detrimental to Ethiopia’s image. He urged the ambassadors and other FDRE diplomats to work with Ethiopians, Ethiopians of Ethiopian descent and friends of Ethiopia to raise awareness of the situation in the country. Ambassador Birtukan Ayano, for his part, urged the diplomats to take a closer look at the times of grief and joy of the Diaspora, according to information obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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