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The winner of the 20 million birr lottery has been announced.

The National Lottery Administration told Ethio FM that the lucky lottery has been announced.

Tewodros Neway, Public Relations Director of the National Lottery Administration, told ENA that Kinde Asrat, a resident of Arba Minch town, won 12 lottery tickets with 3 lottery tickets.

The lucky winner was announced 4 days before the deadline.

The lucky winner won the lottery on his way to Dilla to collect the various items he had collected from Arba Minch.

He is a father of two who has no regular income and is engaged in various activities.

They say that good deeds reward good life. He said he was happy to have won the National Lottery.

Although the winner of the lottery is known, Tewodros said he will be given the amount of money he won after the lottery.

In similar news,

Langano Resort Hotel has been sold to Biftu Hunter Business Share Company. According to Wondafrash, the sale took place on March 3, 2013. The buyer has already paid the full price before the signing. He is said to have been one of them.

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