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Addis Ababa City Cabinet Illegal Land Invasion, Homeless Buildings; Condominiums: Today, he made a decision on the findings of the study on kebele housing and businesses.

It has decided to sell the 322 homeless buildings in the study to the government treasury through open bidding.

Arrested in the study found illegal; It was decided to vacate 21,695 vacant condominiums and distribute them to the beneficiaries.

This will be handed over to the residents who were registered in 1997 and are permanently saving; Illegal housing for the poor has a clear requirement for kebele housing; To be given to the weak and vulnerable residents; Kebele businesses have decided to seize the land from the illegal occupants and give it to the unemployed youth by lot.

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Ambo and Bonga Universities are graduating students today in various fields of study.

Ambo and Bonga Universities are graduating students today. Bonga University is graduating 827 students for the first time.

The graduation ceremony will include Hachalu, Guder Mamo Singing, Woliso Campus and the main campus under the University.

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